MultiView 8
Windows 8 and above|PC-UNIX integration|SSH2 Support

MultiView 8 Base Edition

MultiView 8 gives you access to legacy applications with robust yet customizable terminal emulation software. MultiView 8 is a PC-UNIX integration suite for Windows platforms and is Microsoft Windows Certified and compatible with Windows 8 and above, including 64 bit systems. From SCO ANSI through DEC VT100-420 and AT386/UnixWare to WYSE 60, you get accurate emulation with the flexibility to customize the software for today's corporate needs. File transfer protocols include Zmodem and Kermit. Connection types include Telnet, Modem, NVT2, RExec, RLogin, RS232, RSH, SSH1 and SSH2.

Give UNIX applications a Windows look-and-feel

MultiView 8 contains powerful user-friendly tools to help you face-lift your UNIX applications. These tools can be immediately implemented without programming. Face-lifting applies a mouse-driven graphical user interface to your legacy applications.

Task Automation

Task automation is an integral part of face-lifting. Task macros can be recorded as you work and saved as scripts. Logging on to a UNIX host, launching an application and navigating its menus can be simplified down to the click of a button.

Advanced data security

With Secure Shell (SSH1 and SSH2) support, all data exchanges between the terminal emulation client and the remote UNIX server are fully encrypted and secure.

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